Updated Sep 6 2022

Draft v1

Lamdamoon and Governance-driven Gaming paradigm

Simply put, we found the solution to problem :

Is there a meaningful and valuable application of NFT and blockchain in gaming ?

By treating gaming ecosystem as an abstract system composed of different components ( participants ) with their own role, with introduction of new concepts like Hybrid F2O-P2E, DAO-governed Gameconomic, and ZK-powered Strategy Gameplay, we are confident that with an appropriate system structure, NFT and blockchain tech can bring great value.


Apparently, despite of skepticism, blockchain and NFT is creating a new blue ocean for both game and finance industry, where they could eventually converge and open possibilities for unprecedented business models.

It is here already, the remaining question is : will it stay ? Nobody knows.

But at least, until now we know there are some serious problems with existing NFT game and GameFi in general

So, to get a high chance of success, we strongly believe future blockchain gaming must achieve these goals

In other word, interest among participants must be in equilibrium.

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