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Lamdamoon Metaverse is an experimental high-end 3D NFT game built on top of Moonbeam/Polkadot and Unreal Engine 5.

Lamdamoon is the moon of Lamda, the 3rd planet in L.A.M.D.A solar system. The name Lamda comes from Lonely Asteroid May Discover Anecdotes - L.A.M.D.A, which you can find more info about in story section.

This is where you can build moon bases, spaceships, your army, even tele-portals powered by dark matter. All such things are stepping stones for you to explore, secure the land, collect resource, find ancient alien technology, and fight with monster to earn Lamdanium reward on outlandish planets in a far-far away galaxy from earth.

When getting bored, you can always start a war with other players, or even fly spaceship in Lamda sky and shoot each other. If victorious, you take over their asset, or lose yours if defeated. So, be careful before engaging in battle.

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